Hoosier Happenings

Looking for something to do this weekend? Maybe a camp for the kids or a new vacation idea? Explore Indiana wants to help you consider exploring the state and learning about new destinations to visit. We also invite events, venues and destinations to consider including their information so that they are easier to find.
Featured Articles
Geocaching - a Fun Outdoor Activity for Everyone
8/7/2020 Explore Indiana
If you like adventure, exploring, and the idea of treasure hunting sounds fun then you might want to learn more about Geocaching.
There's Nothing to Do!
6/10/2020 Explore Indiana
Summer is just starting and the kids are more than restless. It's time to switch things up!
Indiana, COVID-19 and Our Options
5/1/2020 Explore Indiana
Recreational options are limited now. Places we would like to go may be closed and businesses are creating new ways to work. What are our new options?

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